Historic Scotland sites: a personal top ten

Inchmahome Priory

Inchmahome Priory © David Gill

Earlier this summer we were at Crossraguel Abbey and I made the comment that the site would be in my top 10 Historic Scotland sites. I was then asked what would make it into my top 10.

I am mindful that there are some HS sites that I have not visited … but would get into a future top 10. I am thinking of Maeshowe, Jarlshof, and Calanais. I am also leaving out Edinburgh, Stirling and Urquhart Castles.

Anyway here is a very personal selection (and in no specific order, with some links to previous entries):

Kilmartin Glen. An extensive prehistoric landscape. [Kilmartin]

Antonine Wall: Rough Castle. An impressive section of this Roman frontier stretching from the Forth to the Clyde. [Rough Castle]

Crossraguel Abbey. Extensive remains with extensive views from the gatehouse. [Crossraguel Abbey]

Inchmahome Priory. Tranquil setting on the Lake of Menteith.

Iona Abbey. One of the liminal places.

Caerlaverock Castle. The triangular shape is so unusual.

Aberdour Castle and Gardens. Beautiful terracing enhance the setting. [Aberdour Castle]

Dirleton Castle and Gardens. The gardens enhance the castle.

Dumbarton Castle. A spectacular site overlooking the Clyde.

Tantallon Castle. Magnificent setting with great views of Bass Rock.

It would be interesting to know which other sites readers would include.

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