A blog about the developing projects and activities associated with heritage and historic environment management by Professor Ian Baxter and Professor David Gill.

UCS Ipswich Waterfront Campus, Courtesy Ipswich Borough Council

UCS Ipswich Waterfront Campus, Courtesy Ipswich Borough Council

The Heritage Futures Unit was established initially at UCS to support the development of heritage as an inter-disciplinary subject at University Campus Suffolk.  It is now working broadly with partners locally, nationally and internationally to support training and research opportunities, tourism development and economic regeneration across the historic environment sector in the UK and worldwide.

Why UCS, why Suffolk?

We’re part of the big ‘start up’ project which is University Campus Suffolk.  It’s pretty exciting to be building a new University based in the eastern-most part of England, which not only serves the county of Suffolk but the wider world too.  The main Ipswich campus is at the heart of a large waterfront regeneration scheme, and there are a lot of historic buildings and protected landscapes around us in the immediate area. The Learning Network centres located across the county are also in areas with rich historic environments.

Various museums and historic environment organisations in the area are undertaking significant development work on their public access and interpretation to celebrate the region’s heritage, and a County-wide heritage strategy is being promoted in Suffolk which UCS plays a major role in. Additionally, right on our doorstep, Ipswich Museum is planning to develop as a ‘teaching museum’, and the County’s archives and archaeology services are being reconfigured: so there’s lots going on in the sector right now.

We welcome applications to undertake PhD research with the academic team, and are happy to talk to you about bespoke consultancy research services and evaluations.

Please contact us via the Contact form below.


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